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Sound Design


This 2-minute scene from WALL·E proved to be a super fun bit to recreate. All sound design, foley, and dialogue (if you can call it that!) done by myself, with inspiration from original designer Ben Burtt.


For a class project, a few of my classmates and I were tasked with replacing all of the audio for this clip from the movie Arrival. I took care of dialogue coaching, dialogue mixing, as well as the final mix.

Company 3


In this stage production of Company, directed by Eli Simon, we wanted to highlight the hustle and bustle of New York City, as well as give the setting an extra dose of '70s vibes. 

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Parliament Square

In Parliament Square, Kat navigates a climate of political protest, and we see how it affects her life and those around her. The play also takes us through the extreme change the climate has had on Kat's life, as she attempts to end her own life in demonstration.

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Parliament 1
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