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"Leaving" // Vocaholics

Vocaholics is a co-ed a cappella group at Western Michigan University. I got to know the group while serving as music director for the Broncords. With "Leaving", an original composition by Lindsey Freedman, the group wanted to be as creative as possible with the recording that I produced, recorded, and mixed. Mastered by Dave Sperandio at Vocal Mastering.

Listen to the full song on Spotify or Apple Music

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"F.Emeral" // Atticus Reynolds

This song is taken from Atticus Reynolds' album Towers, which was recorded in September 2019 by G. Blake Harrison-Lane. Atticus plays drums with his jazz sextet on the album, recorded live in UCI's CAC Recording Studio. Throughout early- and mid-2020, I mixed the album, and mastered after a few months' break.


Listen to the whole album on Spotify or Apple Music

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"Catalyst" // Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers

"Catalyst" is one of a few songs that Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers performed live at Overneath Studios in Kalamazoo, MI. This was a live recording session with an audience, with no overdubs or multiple takes. I worked with the band's performance rider to create a recording setup that, while recording to Pro Tools, would also be used for a live PA in the room. I also mixed the concert for YouTube. Mastering was done by Gordon van Gent.

Watch the full live performance on YouTube

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"Timepiece" // The Founding

I was a recording engineer and the mastering engineer on The Founding's album Form. We recorded this progressive-Celtic group at Overneath Studios in 2017, two years after I was fortunate enough to master their debut EP, To A City, Fair.

Listen to the whole album on Spotify or Apple Music

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"I Cannot Hear the City" // Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra

This song is from a Marvin Hamlisch tribute concert put on by the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. It also featured musicians that were close to Marvin in his life, including pianist Kevin Cole and four vocalists - Doug LaBrecque is featured on this track. I mixed this live album, which was then mastered by Gordon van Gent.

Listen to the full concert on Spotify or Apple Music

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"Stressed Out" // The WMU Broncords

While at Western Michigan University for my undergrad, I had the opportunity to direct and perform in the Broncords, an all-male a cappella group. We recorded a few of our arrangements that never went on to be released publicly. I produced and mixed this recording.

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"Halve A Heart" // Andrew Saliba

This album, Waxes and Wanes, is one of many collaborations I have been fortunate to have with Andrew Saliba. Saliba is a composer and guitarist known for his groundbreaking writing and guitar styles. I took this album the entire way through the production process, recording at Overneath Studios and subsequently mixing and mastering.

Listen the full album on Spotify or Apple Music

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"Miss Fine" // The WMU Jazz Orchestra

Scott Cowan directs the Western Michigan University Jazz Orchestra, an internationally renowned ensemble that has pushed the boundaries of big band arrangements and performance. Due to limited space for this recording session, we decided to record the big band in groups, separating the rhythm section, brass, and winds. It gives the group a patently different sound from the typical big band. I produced and mixed the record, which is not available for public consumption.

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